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Did you know that most couples have never been photographed professionally other than on their wedding day? 

It's also true that most people (and lots of couples too) aren't comfortable being photographed either. 

I commonly hear comments such as "We aren't great in front of a camera" or "We don't do pictures" or sometimes I hear "we are really nervous about being photographed".

This is a completely normal and natural reaction. It might surprise you to know that even as professional photographer myself and, after decades of working in the industry, I don't entirely enjoy being photographed either! However, I have learned to get used to it!

And this is where I come in. I have years of experience in putting couples at their ease. I work hard to make your photography experience fun and relaxed. Easy to the point that you will enjoy being photographed on your big day! 

My photography sessions only last around an hour. Always set in a lovely location that is convenient for you or is a place with special meaning for you (maybe it was where you fist met or enjoyed your First Date), it always offers privacy and the chance to be yourselves in front of my cameras. 

I will show you the tricks and all the things you can expect at your wedding. Everything designed to put you and your families at as much ease as possible. And guess what? It always works! As an ice breaker session, my clients always comment after their wedding, the difference a pre-wedding photography session made to them. Best of all, they got a beautiful extra set of photographs to add to their wedding day collection. 

By the way, if you buy my Premium or Premium+ Photography options - I throw in an Engagement Photography Session and a Signing Print as part of your package! Alternatively, you can just book a photography session with me whether or not you have chosen your wedding photographer yet! 

Call me today on 07917717567 or email me at [email protected], or just contact me through this website.  

Ask me about how I can photograph you, put you at your ease and create some very special pictures of you.  


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